Metro Rail Commuters Association (MRCA) Station Level Committees Formed

On 22-11-17 MRCA committee members Advisor Bhujanga Rao,  Vice- President- M. Parthasaradhi, Gen. Secretary-Sudhir Mathewes,  Ln. N. Raghurami Reddy and GRS Prasad Rao, convenor MRCA met the Hyderabad Metro Rail, M.D. Sri. N.V.S. Reddy to discuss about the role of MRCA.

Further expanding the activities of the MRCA Station Level Committee of Habsiguda, NGRI has been formed with active members meeting at Habsiguda and Lion N. Raghurami Reddy was selected as Convenor of Station Level Committee (SLC) of the above two stations and a team of  8 members were also declared.

In the same way on 26th November MRCA members met at Prashanth Nagar Community Hall, Uppal to select the Advisor and its team of 8 members as SLC.  Sri. S. Rama Linga Reddy was selected as Advisor and was requested to form team of SLCs for Nagole, Uppal and Stadium stations and inform the working committee.

G.R.S. Prasad Rao, Convenor, MRCA

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