Updating RWA Directory


As you are aware, CoRWA has entered 9th year of its foundation and in these past eight years  has expanded its activities substantially throughout the country. 

CoRWA which is now the pan-India Apex Body, carrying ahead the RWA Mission, under the able guidance of our senior leaders like Dr. Rao VB J Chelikani, the Founder of RWA Mission in India, Col Tejendra Pal Tyagi, Vir Chakra, our Convener, Sri B T Srinivasan,  Senior Executive Vice President and other Senior Members.

The CoRWA office at Hyderabad is circulating uninterruptedly the hard copy of the magazine "Tarnaka Times", which gives a monthly glimpse of our activities. An online version of Tarnaka Times is being handled ably by Sri C Chittipantulu garu, Chief Editor of www.tarnakatimes.com

However, of late we find that most of the contact postal addresses, email IDs and contact numbers of several RWAs are outdated and often we find mails and post copies being returned to sender. At the same time several new RWAs have been formed in different cities of the country and CoRWA would like to contact them to bring them into the fold.

It is therefore felt necessary to update the RWA Directory at the national level. To this effect, we request you to kindly update information on your RWA in the following format:

Name of the RWA:


Contact Postal Address (with Pin Code):


Names of the President & the Secretary with Phone Number and email:

We also humbly request you to take the initiative and send us details of any new RWA that may have been formed recently in your town/city/ or Federation of RWAs in any State. We plan to publish an updated directory by end of this year.

Please send all information to either of the following:


Anticipating your cooperation,


Dr.K.S.R.Murthy, Secretary General,  

CoRWA, Vice President, APFERWAS,

President, JR Nagar RWA.

Former Emeritus Scientist, N.I.O., Visakhapatnam. 

Cell: 9848190440.

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