GHMC App Downloads Jump Almost 50 per cent

[caption id="attachment_779" align="alignleft" width="300"]GHMC App downloads GHMC App Downloads Jumped a Whopping 47% after the Campaign[/caption]

Campaign by a consortium of 20 Civil Society Organisations leads to better awareness and usage of GHMC App provided free of cost for citizens to avail civic services  

The Citizens Entitlements Campaign, an initiative kicked off on January 26th this year by over 20 civil society organizations and NGOs has resulted in a whopping 47% increase in the downloads of the My GHMC App indicating higher awareness of the avenues to avail services provided by the GHMC.

The objective of the Campaign is to enable citizens of the twin-cities to easily avail 56 services that are provided by GHMC, Water Works, and the Electricity departments, as per their Citizens’ Charters through digital platforms such as the GHMC App.

Representatives of the CEC met GHMC Commissioner Dr. Janardhan Reddy to brief him on the results achieved so far through the campaign and the way forward. Additional Commissioner-IT Mr. Md. Musharraf Ali Faruqui, IAS along with his team, also participated in the meeting.

The representatives of the CEC briefed the senior officials on the campaign mode, the strategies for increased and sustained community outreach, identification of policy and administrative issues and advocacy with the concerned departments. They also discussed the use of publicity materials including media outreach for the campaign.

Kick-starting the Campaign on January 26, the GHMC Commissioner had stresseed that while it was fine for people to pursue their entitlements, citizens should also recognise this this right is concommitant with their duties to the society.

Lamenting the lack of engagement from the citizens, in this respect the Commissioner had cited the lack of usage of free mobile Apps provided by the GHMC.  These Apps in fact provided a ready and easy channel for grievance redressal and problem-solving. GHMC is even providing services, such as, issuing birth and death certificates online, through the app.

B T Srinivasan, UFERWAS

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