With a National Water Award in the pocket, JR Nagar RWA wants to raise the bar for water conservation

Having been adjudged the country’s 3rd Best RWA for water management by the Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR), Govt. of India, the JR Nagar RWA is now pushing the pedal further to live up to its newfound accolades at the National Water Awards.

Apart from regular maintenance of existing rain water harvesting pits in the colony and setting up new pits at suitable locations, the RWA has decided to adopt new techniques to explore the possibility to connect water outlets from terraces in the locality directly to existing water sources.

“The World is facing a severe water crisis with demand increasing while the resources are dwindling,” said Dr K S R Murthy, Secretary General, CoRWA and Vice President, APFERWAS, who also happens to be the President of the JR Nagar RWA.

Water is a vital component of life. But rapid pace of irrigation growth, urbanization and industrialization have put enormous stress on water resources, added the former emeritus scientist of the National Institute of Oceanography presenting a case study of the JR Nagar experience in water management.

Building awareness among residents is a critical component to encourage flat and individual house owners to establish rainwater harvesting pits on their premises and directing the terrace water to these pits, he felt.

Making use of abandoned wells in houses and apartments for rain water harvesting is another option that the Association is exploring.

Its previous success was possible because of setting up of rainwater harvesting pits along roads in the colony and creation of awareness among residents on conservation of water resources, maintaining cleanliness and growing greenery in the colony.

But getting residents to start doing this on their own premises is a step change. “The need of the hour is adopting innovative practices of ground water augmentation by rainwater harvesting and artificial recharge, promoting water use efficiency, recycling and re-use of water through people's participation for sustainable ground water use and development, he added.

The 25 year old Association has been at forefront of initiatives to provide a healthy environment for the residents. Apart from continuous campaigns, it took upon itself to organize two national seminars which helped in increasing awareness levels within the colony.


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