Residents protest removal of hanging planters in Ghaziabad

Resident associations have strongly protested the removal of up to 1000 hanging baskets in the Ghaziabad area which they say were not only beautifying the area but also effectively controlling pollutions.

Chairman RWA Federation Col.T.P. Tyagi said that for the past 20 years, crores of rupees were spent on plantation of lakhs of trees in the area. And as part of this drive the hanging baskets that were set up were meant not only for beautification but also to fight pollution.

Shri Mukeh Agarwal Federation Secretary said hanging baskets can be given water through drip irrigation. Ghaziabad has no shortage of gardners nor the money to maintain them.

The solution for drying hanging baskets therefore was not to remove them but to make arrangements for their maintenance, Smt. Rama Tyagi said. In addition, the METRO and other elevated high ways should adopt vertical gardening, Media Secretary Shri. Gopal Maheshwari said.

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