Reduce, Re-use and Recycle

An RWA Practical Guide to Water Management 

The Confederation of RWAs, the only national organisation of the urban residents is going to prepare and print a guide booklet of around 15 pages to be released at the  7th NCRWA in Delhi, and it will be a part its Annual National Status Report or the Souvenir. The Practical Guide will include the 20-Point RWA Charter for Swachh Bharat, which is already in wide circulation. The Practical guide can be released by every RWA in their place and in their regional language to coincide with the commemoration of 23rd November as the National RWA Day. The news will be regularly featured in Tarnaka Times for wider diffusion.

In the knowledge-based modern society that we are going to live, the supply of water, as well as its distribution and consumption, should adopt the principle: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. Ever since the Club of Rome gave the wakeup call on the changing state of natural resources,   there has been a series of researched advisories and sharing of best practices by civil society organisations on conserving the fast the depleting freshwater supplies.

It is thus only appropriate that we also contribute our mite to this effort. Hence, a CoRWA Editorial Team will collect and produce succinct and brief guidelines for the exclusive use of the actors that operate within the resident welfare associations. Such actors include the domestic helpers, housewives, children, working men and women, the RWA managers, and the agencies that procure, transport and distribute water. The compendium would also provide knowledge on the related equipment, tools and appliances used in handling water.

Those who are interested in involving themselves in the collection of data, their best practices and in translating into their regional languages may contact immediately the General Secretary Dr. KSR Murthy ( 9848190440) and Sri. Chittipantulu, Honorary Editor,  Tarnaka Times (

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