RWAs Demand Constitutional Recognition and Rights

A Brief Report on the 7th National Conference of RWAs (7th NCRWA 2019)

By Col. Tejendra Pal Tyagi, Veer Chakra

Chief Convener, 7th NCRWA 2019

The 7th National Conference of Resident Welfare Associations (NCRWA), was held on November 16-17 at the Andhra Association, Lodhi Institutional Area, New Delhi. The two-day conference which was attended by over 357 delegates from across the country was inaugurated by Hon’ble Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha Shri Vijay Goel ji and Joint Secretary of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs Smt. D Thara.

Members of the Confederation of Resident welfare Associations (CoRWA) – a pan India National Apex body of RWAs, Confederation of NCR RWAs (CONRWA), United Residents Joint Action (URJA),Delhi RWAs Joint Front, United Residents Delhi(URD), Flat Owners Federation Ghaziabad , All India Retired Railwaymens Federation and RWA Representatives from 15 states across the Country participated in it.

The two-day conference which was attended by over 357 delegates from across the country was inaugurated by Hon’ble Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha Shri Vijay Goel ji and Joint Secretary of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs Smt. D Thara.

A major outcome of the deliberations was a unanimous demand that RWAs SHOULD BE GRANTED CONSTUTIONAL RECOGNITION & RIGHTS. The seasonal Bhagidaari System, Ward Committees or Mohalla Sabha have not served the purpose.

7th NCRWA InaugurationOn the occasion 18 RWAs, three Bureaucrats, in absentia (Ms. Ritu Maheshwari, CEO, Noida, Shri Sudhir Kumar, IPS, SSP, Ghaziabad and Ms Harichanda Desari, Dy Commissioner, GHMC) and others were felicitated by the Honourable Member of Parliament Shri Vijay Goel for their good work beyond the call of duty.

A resolution containing 13 demands, signed by Shri BT Srinivasan, Advocate PS Jain, Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi (Chief Convener), Shri Atul Goel, Shri Saurabh Gandhi, Shri Pankaj Agrawal, Dr KSR Murthy and Shri Sagaram Sreedhar was handed over to the Joint Secretary to put it before the Government.

The Chairman of Standing Committee Nagar Nigam Delhi Shri Sandeep Kapoor highlighted that new machines are being put in action for separating the solid waste at the Ground Dumps.

Chief Engineer Delhi Jal Board Shri Rakesh Sahani said that new jetting machines have been put in to action to replace the manual system of clearing the sewage blockage. Eleven Power Point Presentations were made during different sessions on issues connected with ULBs and RERA.

Macro issues like Interlinking of Rivers, Population Control and Elementary Sainik Training in Schools were also deliberated up on. A Souvenir and a Practical Guide to Water Conservation for RWAs were released and distributed free of cost.

Shri Vijay Bhati, Shri JMS Nagarjunan,  Maj. Shiva Kiran, Saurabh Gandhi, Advocate Anshu Tyagi, Shri Pawan Kaushik,  Shri MP Yadav were conspicuous owing to their active participation.

The resolutions which are being submitted to the Government on behalf of RWAs are as under:

The RWA Movement has entered 8th year ever since the foundation of CoRWA in 2012 and since then the mission expanded by leaps and bounds. It is unambiguously established that RWAs should form the fourth pillar of local governance and should be involved in all stages of local governance. Towards this objective we have drafted the following thirteen important resolutions which we feel should be acted up on by the Government at all levels:

Resolution No.1

RWAs should be given constitutional rights

Resolution No.2

RWAs will support that political party which will include the demands of RWAs in their manifesto and get them implemented. .

Resolution No.3

Local RWA should be consulted at least at the conceptual and planning stage of every project planned for their area.

Resolution No.4

Performance grant to ULBs should be released only after the service level beach marks have been confirmed by a majority of the RWAs in the concerned area.

Resolution No.5

At least the following Pollution control measures should be implemented in all cities:

  • Induct adequate number of CNG city busses in all big cities as mass transport.

  • Install adequate number of CCTV cameras on main roads in every cosmopolitan city.

  • Enforce vertical gardening in all Govt. buildings in phase 1.

  • Establish at least 6 e-waste collection centres in every medium city.

  • Enforce car free day once a month in every city.

  • Permit Mokshda Pranali at every cremation ground in which a body needs one third wood because of a chimney in the open-mode and perforated iron cage with flaps.

  • Instead of punishing, give incentive to those who take steps to minimise carbon and water foot prints.

  • Govt. should involve experts from CoRWA to deal with different types of pollution such as air, water, single use plastics (SUPs), wet and dry segregation, composting, rainwater harvesting, etc.

Resolution No.6

Creation of encroachment Free Foot Paths in all cities

Resolution No.7

Creation of Maintenance Head in the budget of every ULB so that annual maintenance Quick Reaction Teams could be constituted for road repair and sanitation issues.

Resolution No.8

Subsidy should be given on installation of rain water harvesting system to existing buildings like the subsidy given on computers initially, on solar systems and on SAUCHALAYAs.

Resolution No.9

Extraction of underground water in all gated societies should at least be metered if not charged.

Resolution No.10

An office should be allotted to CoRWA in New Delhi- The pan India National Apex Body of RWAs.

Resolution No 11

Rivers should be interlinked as per DASTUR Plan to avoid recurring Floods and Droughts in the Country.

Resolution No. 12

Compulsory Elementary Sainik Training at High School Level for National Integration and Character Building.

Resolution No. 13

Population Control Act


B T Srinivasan                       Advocate PS Jain                              Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi

Ex.  VP, CoRWA                    President, CONRWA                       Chief Convener, 7th NCRWA

Atul  Goel        Saurabh Gandhi     Pankaj Agrawal     Sagaram Sreedhar    Dr KSR Murthy

President,       GS, URD                    President, DRJF     GS, AIRRF                   Secy Gen CoRWA


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