A Citizen’s Letter to His Prime Minister



The Prime Minister has announced a massive package totaling 10% of India’s GDP or Rs 20 lakh crore to revive the economy. Dubbed the Atmanirbhar Abhiyaan, is no doubt very much needed. Since he also announced his intention to develop  Infrastructure, Mr. Nagarjunan from an NGO called ‘Focus’ in Chennai has seized on the occasion to suggest spending a good part of it on a mammoth project for ‘Rejuvenation, Inter-Linking and Equitable Distribution of River Waters’ in the country. Such a long term project would touch and benefit all parts of the country and which would also prevent future conflicts among the states in water-sharing. Further, such a productive investment would create extensive employment, encourage engineering skills, prevent future floods, facilitates cheap transport to interior places and the salaries paid will stimulate demand for goods and services in the rural areas. This kind of investment would not lead to inflation, which is, otherwise certain to happen in the case of the governments’ other ways of giving away money freely, by direct transfers, etc.



The “ Revered and Hon’ble Prime Minister Modi ji,  

Jai Hind,

Your last night’s address to the Nation has been thought-provoking and demonstrated the stout determination of the Government not only to overcome the Pandemic COVID-19, but also to improve the economy of our beloved Motherland.

With the huge stimulus package of rupees twenty lakh crore  and with effective governance, the desired results are sure to be realized. Let me on this occasion submit, Sir, that invariably every year, one part or the other of our Motherland - a few States - undergo extraordinary suffering and misery, either due to shortage of water or rain, resulting in drought, or excessive floods. To overcome this perennial menace, and the resultant miseries, particularly faced by the poor farmers, who live in villages - where India also lives. In the last National Conference of the Resident Welfare Associations  held at New Delhi in November, 2019, it was unanimously resolved to request the Government to inter-link the rives in the country, and also to create a national grid. A copy of this Resolution is annexed herein for your kind reference.

It may be redundant to point out that the Hon'ble Supreme Court has, as early as 2002 directed the Government to merge the rivers and complete the entire Project by 2016. The citizenry, in general, and the farmers, in particular, look forward to your dynamic leadership to allocate sufficient funds for the above noble task, which is sure to alleviate the problems of farmers and the suffering of the populace at large. Such a project, besides generating huge employment potential  would  improve the GDP, and also harness 50,000 TMC of water, which is otherwise going into the high-seas.  By this process of merger, the threat of glaciers of the Himalayas melting and the consequent flooding could be avoided, thereby ultimately averting further global warming.

Jai Hind,

J. M. S. Nagarjunan
Vice-President, CORWA, 12TH May, 2020

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