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CoRWA in Rajasthan

Under the guidance and directions of Hon'ble President Dr. Rao V B J Chelikani, Hyderabad, Col Tyagi, National Convenor and in consultation with CA.Amit Kumar Kedia, Advisor and mentor to Rajasthan   CoRWA team and also the National President of RERA India Educational & Resource Federation and executive committee of CoRWA, the following five persons have been recommended to be nominated to the Rajasthan RERA, on behalf of CoRWA Rajasthan.

·         Shri Dinesh Parikh, Jaipur- 9680378917

·         Col. M.M. Kapila, Jaipur-7742834495

·         Shri Manoj Bansal, Jaipur- 9314114117, 8619827003

·         Shri Sameer Soral, Jaipur-9610689000

·         Shri Sanjeev Khullar, Jaipur-9314081333

We congratulated each one of them on their nomination. Going forward, we requested CA Amit Kumar Kedia to organize a meeting of Rajasthan CoRWA team with all the members nominated to RERA Rajasthan to understand the Role and Responsibilities of Members in the Reconciliation forum of RERA Rajasthan. We requested CA Amit Kumar Kedia to share the notification related to Reconciliation form to each of nominated members for their study and reference. We also requested CA. Amit Kumar Kedia to organize a meeting of CoRWA Rajasthan team, along with the members nominated to RERA Rajasthan to get their perspective and expectations. The nominated members are requested to attend a few hearings and if possible, to read some of the orders, RERA Act and Rules and to take part in the training programs, when arranged.  Mr. Amit Kumar Kedia is also provided with some addresses of RWAs and senior citizens associations which are already in communication with CoRWA for soliciting their cooperation. 

CA. Ramesh Prabhu, Vice President,CoRWA.

Containment of COVID Spread, Role of the Govt. and the Civil Society   

The Andhra Pradesh Federation of Residents Welfare Associations (APFERWAS) in association with Prajarogya Vedika, Visakhapatnam has organised an interactive session on Sunday, 21st June, 2020. In the programmed coordinated by Sri AV Ramana Rao, General Secretary and Sri T.Kameswara Rao, Secretary, Prajarogya Vedika,  the following guidelines are given by the medical fraternity:

The guest speakers are Dr.K.V.V.Vijay Kumar, Superintendent, Govt. Chest Hospital, Visakhapatnam, Dr.P.A.Ramani, President, Indian Medical Association, Visakhapatnam Chapter, Dr.Y.L.Narasinga Rao, FOZCI, Prof.Gynecology, A.M.C. They have indicated suitable measures to be taken personally by every resident to contain the spread of COVID-19. Other participants from APFERWAS are Sri P Lachi Raju, Coordinator, Zone II, Sri A. Kailasa Rao EC Member and Sri G V Ramana Treasurer.                                    

A V Ramana Rao, General Secretary, APFERWAS

Voice of Gajuwaka 

A review meeting was held on 10-07-2020 by our Hon.ble MLA - Sri Tippala Nagi Reddy garu and Zonal Commissioner, GVMC, Sri D.Sridhar garu, with the RWAs of Gajuwaka, for three hours at the initiative of our Voice of Gajuwaka (Federation of Gajuwaka RWAs) under APFERWAS.The meeting was held in the chambers of the Zonal Commissioner, Gajuwaka Zone V.

Beside the MLA and ZC, all the Heads of departments viz. Public health, Engineering, Town Planning, Revenue, UGD, etc. Manyfrom various wards also attended the meeting and raised several issues concerning to their respective areas. Responding to them, both the hon.MLA and the Zonal Commissioner agreed to attend to the issues immediately, wherever heavy expenditure is not involved.They also directed the officials to be more transparent and responsive to the problems being focused by the RWAs.The Zonal Commissioner responded to each and every issue raised by the RWAs and directed the concerned officials to attend to the same on priority.

MLA and ZC have appreciated the efforts of the Federation of RWAs and wanted such efforts be accelerated. They further agreed that such review meetings would be held once in every 3-4 months. The status of the issues earlier raised will be discussed in every review meeting.

Voice of Gajuwaka, Visakhapatna

Greater Hyderabad Webinar Series

With the theme of Keeping Our Communities Safe from COVID-19, a Webinar Series for Residents Welfare Associations in Greater Hyderabad was initiated on Jul 3, 2020 at 04:00 PM. By U-FERWAS, in association with WHO (World Health Organization), UNICEF, NIRD&PR & Public Health Foundation of India. Alternatively, live on YouTube:

             B.T. Srinivasan, U-FERWAS


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