National Status Report and Directory of RWA Across India

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RWA Status and Directory

Migration to urban areas has become common across the world. In order to use the scare resources of land effectively, the multi-storey buildings are planned in urban areas. Thus, in an RWA, the land and most of the parts of the multi-storey building, such as lift, staircase, terrace, lobby, etc. become the common area to be shared by the residents. To manage such a common area, registration of a legal entity has become necessary and accordingly, residents welfare association is formed in many cities across India. Different states have different laws under which the residents welfare associations are registered.

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 which has been enacted to regulate the real estate sector across India also provides for registration of the Association of the Allotees to manage the common areas in the multi-storey buildings. Such Association of allotees is also commonly known as “Residents Welfare Association“. When many residents welfare associations of one locality or area are brought together, they are thereafter registered as the local apex body to manage the common areas in those locality. Thereafter, the apex bodies at the taluka level, district level and state levels are also set up to share the information and resources.

Considering the importance of the RWA functioning in different parts of India, which are also regulated differently under different laws, our president Dr. Rao V B J Chelikani, has thought it fit to bring out a “ National Status Report and Directory of RWA Across India”. I am thankful to the team CoRWA for assigning the responsibility to bring out such a wonderful publication to me. I, therefore, appeal and seek the co-operation of the RWAs and their apex bodies across the country to send as much information as possible to prepare such a compendium.

-- CA.Ramesh Prabhu, Chairman, RWA Status Report & Directory Committee & Chairman, Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association, A2-302, Laram Center, S.V. Road, Opp: Railway Station, Andheri (W), Mumbai-400 058. Tel: 9820106766/022-4

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