Hyderabadis use WiFi the most in India

Students in Hyderabad spend the most time on WiFi putting the city of the Nizam’s at the top of the list of cities spending the highest percentage of time connected to WiFi.

Considered among the top university cities of the country, users in the Hyderabad spent a quarter of their time online using WiFi networks, according to Opensignal, a mobile analytics company that measures usage of mobile networks on various parameters.

This puts Hyderabad ahead of Mumbai and Bangalore in the usage of WiFi notwithstanding the lower proliferation of WiFi in the city with 60,000 free networks, of which 3000 are free hotspots provided by the government.

Users in Mumbai spent 21.6% of their time on WiFi, boasts of 1.8 lakh free hotspots while users in tech capital Bengaluru spent just a little under 20% of the time on WiFi.

The contrarian trend in Hyderabad is interesting considering the availability of cheap smartphones and cheaper data plan with the proliferation of 4G.

While the study is silent on what the students use the WiFi for, whether for studies or gaming, one reason for the high usage of WiFi could be that Hyderabad was one of the last to see 4G rollout among the metros and its availability is till patchy here.

Bengaluru was one of the first in the country to get government-funded Wifi, and students enjoy some of the best free WiFi in the city. Behind Bangalore, our users in Delhi, Chennai and Pune all spent over 15% of their time connected to Wifi networks, the Opensignal report said.

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