Initiatives for Organising the 8th NCRWA

Though in the annual GB Meeting held in Nov.2019 in New Delhi on the occasion of the 7th NCRWA, it was decided to hold the 8th NCRWA Conference at Chennai, our Sr.Exe Vice President, CoRWA, Sri JMS Nagarjunan, in view of the developments since March, 2020 found it not feasible to envisage it in Chennai.

However, in the 3rd Anniversary Conference of RERA recently organised in virtual mode from Mumbai by CA Ramesh Prabhu, in which some of our CoRWA members have participated, the following developments have taken place.

1.  A new member is introduced to our CoRWA fraternity: CA Amit Kumar Kedia, a practicing Chartered Accountant residing in Jaipur, Rajasthan. His earlier years were devoted to Financial Consultancy in different sectors. He is an advisor to RERA projects in Rajasthan and West Bengal besides being a member in RERA Authority and Tribunal. He is intimately associated with various activities of the ICAI. He was recently introduced to us by CA Ramesh Prabhu, Zonal Coordinator of CoRWA, West Zone. CoRWA approached CA Amit Kumar Kedia with a proposal to host the 8th NCRWA at Jaipur, which he has readily accepted to host, in the capacity of National President, RERA India Educational and Resources Federation. He has also assured complete hospitality to all the delegates attending the Conference.

2. CA Ramesh Prabhu came up with a preliminary plan for the Conference, keeping in view the uncertain conditions prevailing in the country at present due to COVID19. He proposed Plan A and Plan B.

Plan A would be to physically host the program at Jaipur. For which he needs to make arrangements for lodging and boarding for nearly 100 outstation participants. Book the venue etc.  This Plan A has to be decided by 1st September. 

Plan B would be to host it digitally by involving professionals and dignitaries across India.  The number of participants could be nearly 15,000 to 20000, which would create a great hype in favour of the RWAs. We may give opportunities to every Federation to submit their report. As per the discussion held with CA.Amit Kumar Kedia, if we need to do it digitally, we want more than 20000 participants and the program will be designed to have four regional programs.

  • We may invite entries for best RWA awards with activity report.
  • Souvenirs articles may be invited.
  • The certificates of award may be digitally given and hard copy and the trophy may be posted. Theparticipants’ certificate may be digitally sent.
  • We may have 3 days program or more as may be decided by the Program Committee. 
  • Morning two hours from 11 AM to 1 PM and evening 4 PM to 6 PM.
  • Three or four days continuously for four different regions by involving regional issues and CM or Urban ministers program may be arranged.

3. These preliminary ideas of holding the 8th NCRWA are proposed by Col.T.P.Tyagi, Convener, CoRWA to the CoRWA Core Group. Feedback is being obtained from different members.

4. It is proposed that for the present, preparations will be made keeping in view Plan A which subsequently may be revised based on the COVID19 status in the country.

5. Dr. Rao VB J Chelikani, President,  while endorsing the Plans A and B of CA Ramesh Prabhu suggested that Mr. Ramesh Prabhu & Col.T.P.Tyagi to focus on Jaipur, both for plan A & B in close coordination with CA Amit Kumar Kedia, who will rally the RWAs in and around Rajasthan.

6. We will soon be sending the necessary material of our previous NCRWA Conferences that can be made use of by CA Amit Kumar Kedia ji in order to proceed further.

7. Col. T P Tyagi has suggested the Focal Theme of the 8th NCRWA as “Management i.e. Traffic Management, Waste Management and Disaster Management”.

8. Since the 1st NCRWA, CoRWA has come up in a big way with each year more versatile topics adding to the agenda of the NCRWAs. This year also it is going to be a multi oriented approach with RWA Mission/RERA/Housing Societies activities/COVID19 -Role of RWAs in disaster management, etc. You will very soon be able to have a bird’s eye view of the event, as we hope to release the Brochure at the earliest.

You may also give your suggestions from your side to:

Ø  CA Ramesh Prabhu

Ph: 9820106766    



Ø  Col T P Tyagi Vir Chakra     

Ph: 9313922889     


Ø  CA Amit Kumar Kedia
Ph: 9414046121



Secretary General,

CoRWA, 9848190440,

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  1. As suggested above, the efforts may be made for 8th NCRWA, proposed to be held at Jaipur, initially, as per Plan A.
    However, basing on the situation that may prevail during Nov, the Play B to conduct the NCRWA digitally may be considered.

    Hope the Plan A will be finalised, as may be possible by that time.