Towards RWA Empowerment

Linking RWAs with Ward Secretariats at Kakinada
A decision has been taken at the RWA interaction meeting with the Commissioner, Kakinada Municipal Corporation in A.P., Sri Swapnil Dinakar Pundkar IAS held at the Siddhardha Nagar Park that on every 4th Saturday the Ward Secretariat has to come to RWA precincts and conduct meeting and has to submit minutes to the Commissioner. The problems that can be taken care of by the secretaries of the Ward Committee have to be attended by them and they will submit the proposals for developmental works to the Commissioner for approval. Representatives of 25 Colony associations attended the meeting and all the heads of the Municipal Corporation Engineering, Town Planning, Health & Revenue officials along with Additional commissioner are present in the meeting. BIF and CoRWA On March 28th there was a brief meeting between the senior representatives of CoRWA and the BIF team to discuss the collaboration between the two organisations in the area of “In Building Solutions”. Present from BIF are: 1) Mr. T.V. Ramachandran, President, 2) Mr. Rajat Mukarjit, Director General, 3) Mr. Debashish Bhattacharya, Deputy Director General, 4) Mr. Arun Mukarji, Senior Director, Operations, 5) Ms. Neema Sunil Kumar, Director, Projects & Committees, 6)Mr. Kaustuv Sircar, Deputy Director, Communications & PR and 7) Mr. Abhijit Panicker, Deputy Director, Research & Convener for the FTTH Committee. From CoRWA: Mr.Rao VBJ Chelikani, Col. T P Tyagi, Chief Convener, Dr.K.S.R. Murthy, Secretary General, Ashwin Kumar Nallari, Major Shiv Kiran, Ashwin Kumar P., B.T. Srinivasan and others. It was decided to pursue further the modalities of cooperation. A Green Media Network in Hyderabad Since we all share a few common concerns for healthy habitats for safe, secure, sustainable, happy, healthy, resilient and resurgent future for all residents, let us develop a green agenda, vision and roadmap for a sustainable families, livelihoods, habitats, communities, at local, district, state and country level with net zero, carbon neutral, social, economic and political pluralism, inclusion and equity. A Green Media Network is being initiated during a Roundtable meeting of the Hyderabad Clean Air Network, on "Vehicular Pollution-Challenges & Solutions" on 28th March, Paryatak Bhavan in Begumpet. The speakers are: C L N Gandhi, Addl. RTA Commissioner (Rtd),Prof.LakshmanaRao,Chief Engineer, BICS, JNTU,Dr. Krishna Murthy, HOD, Respiratory Medicine, Gandhi Hospital, Er. Raveendhar, Chief Scientist (R&D), EPTRI. It is organized by Dr. Sudhakar President and Dr. P. Narayana Rao, Secretary of LEAD Foundation. -- Ch. Subbaraju

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