A requiem to promises unkept

Alwal residents mourn the death of a project 

In a unique protest at the abject indifference of politicians and government officials to citizen concerns, residents of the Alwal area laid a wreath at the foundation stone to the road widening project laid in 2014 by various Ministers, MLAs, and Corporators. The project had died a natural death.

Along with several members of 41 Colony Welfare Associations, speaking on the occasion, Dr G V Rao, General Secretary, GAASA, deplored the attitude of the officials of GHMC, Water Works, Revenue and the Police Departments.

It was highlighted that for last four years the Chinnaraya Lake has been left unprotected encouraging local politicians and land grabbers to encroach on it.  GAASA appreciated efforts of Sri Harish Rao, under whom Urban Lakes were being developed in 2014, before the Lakes were taken over by GHMC. The standing orders of the Supreme Court are defied by GHMC Alwal, leading to constructions in Open Government Lands and Parks. Further the congregation of members reminded the minister, Mr K T Rama Rao of his promise in 2016 to release Rs 10.0 crore for drainage works. It was also highlighted that honest tax payers of Alwal are deprived of bus shelters when other areas of Hyderabad were being provided with air conditioned. Bus shelters. 

Former Corporator and Congress Party in-charge of Malkajgiri Constituency, Mr Nandhikanti Sridhar extended his support to further pursue the issues. He opined that unless a project is completed, such foundation stones have no significance and suggested that the citizens should adopt flash mob style of protests to bring the officials to do their duty. 

Mr. Srinivas Varma, Greater Hyderabad General Secretary, Loksatta, deplored that such foundation stones without any sanctions is wastage of public money and such money could be used for better purposes. He extended his Party’s support to GAASA. He also highlighted the status of damaged internal roads by Water Works. He, further stated that public money is being wasted on laying roads without removing the encroachments on the Loyola College road to Karimnagar Highway.  

Mr. Santosh Sagar of TDP, Mr. Surender Reddy of TJS, Mr Upender Goud and  Mr Mallikarjun of BJP also have addressed the gathering and impressed upon all the citizens of Twin Cities to perform last rites on such foundation stones found in their areas, which have been laid several years without any work being done.

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