Vote and Get Rewarded - Gokulnagar Association Makes it a Little More Attractive

In a bid to encourage voters enthusiastic about exercising their franchise, the Gokulnagar Residents Welfare Association has launched an innovative incentive for residents in the area.

"Vote and get rewarded too", it is telling denizens asking them to post on the Gokulnagar WhatsApp grup a selfie showing their index finger with the delible ink mark and face with a smile of satisfaction after completing their duty as the citizens and coming out of the premises of the voting booth.

Four different prizes have been declared which will be declared by draw of lots, Mr N S Prasad, Secretary, SCOTRWA said. The categories are
1.Most charming face
2.Senior citizens above 60 years of age two prizes one for men and one for women
3.Youngest voters upto 20 years Girls and boys 2 prizes
4.One bumper prize common to all participants by a lucky draw on our annual day 26th January 2019.

All the prizes will be given on the Annual Day of the Association. The decision of the EC will be final. EC members and their families will not be eligible to participate in the contest, he added stating he expected 100% participation in the voting process on Friday.

Note: Voters are advised not to take the selfies inside the voting booth. It is a violation of the ECI code.

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