State Level Federations Mooted to Strengthen RWA Mission

In a bid to provide a more streamlined structure and engagement model to the Resident Welfare Association (RWA), movement in India, residents’ associations have mooted the concept of City Federations of RWAs and Forums of RWAs (FoRWA)s at the state level.

While currently there is the Confederation of RWAs (CoRWA), the apex body of welfare associations in India, founded by civil society stalwart Dr Rao V.B.J Chelikani,  there is a need for an institution to take forward the movement and guide RWAs at the state-level said  M. Chandrasekhara Reddy, President, Nellore Welfare Federation, in a proposal for a fresh structure for the RWA Mission in the country.

The CoRWA was formed in 2012 at Hyderabad and ever since has made rapid strides in spreading the RWA Mission across the country and contributing significantly to the cause be it local governance issues or national policy formation.  It also conducts a national-level conference of all RWAs every year on matters related to the welfare of residents and to provide a common platform to raise concerns and issues.

The new proposal suggests the formation of a City Federation comprising seven RWAs each. In the case of metro cities with a population over 10 lakh people, the concept note proposes the formation of an Area Federation comprising 3-5 lakh population each and a City Federation comprising these area federations in turn.

Further, it proposes a Forum of RWAs (FoRWA), at the state level comprising all the City and Area Federations which will engage with the state administration and government leadership for policy formulation and other matters apart from guiding RWAs and respective federations in the state.

These state-level forums will be useful to discuss much-needed reforms for urban development and municipal structures and provide the much-needed oversight and visibility at the national level through CoRWA which should, in turn, publish yearly national status reports and magazines to give the movement a stronger voice, Mr Reddy said.

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