Committee of Comrades for Games and Sports

Rao V B J Chelikani 

I.  We can change our society into a better society, only if we have better relationships with each other. Hence, we all have to learn the art of living together harmoniously. If we see the present condition of the society, we easily understand that our political activities and our religious activities are not uniting people; on the other hand, they are dividing them. So, what can we do to promote more friendliness, enjoying togetherness, comradeship, team spirit and to make everybody put efforts to bring out into open what is best in one’s own body and mind? How can we keep people physically fit and mentally relaxed and de-stressed in this busy world? The answer is simple: Let us play games. The Great Greek and Roman civilisations, as well as the Oriental martial arts and Yoga too advocate the same philosophy. For the present, let us keep aside the role of the mind games played on the screen by the young generation.

We have to practice not only the modern games that are in vogue, but also re-discover the traditional ones. We have to invent new ones which would bring together all ages, in order to fill the inter-generational gap. For example, the games that can be played by the whole family. Thereby, people can learn an attitude of fair-play towards others, competing with each other in a positive way, appreciating the merit in others, accepting defeat without any ill-feeling and searching for excuses, the habit of holding oneself responsible for whatever happens, depend solely on self, becoming aware of one’s own limitations, developing  a taste for pleasing and artistic gestures and manners, appreciating skill and dexterity in others, seeking companionship for mutual satisfaction, etc. One can easily recognise a sportsperson who walks erect with confidence and moves with balanced gestures. These are all virtues and cultural values necessary for any human being to live in a democratic society. Inter-state competitions among them would promote social tourism in the sense that these travels and exchanges would help to see and admire how different Indian societies live with diverse cultural practices. This is the best way to promote emotional integration of India, which is yet to be achieved.  At international level, China has tried, a long time ago, ‘Ping Pong Diplomacy’ to encourage international understanding, and recently, the UN General Assembly has declared a day to be observed as International Yoga Day.

Now, I appeal to all of you who agree and share the above lofty objectives and goals to come forward to translate them into action by forming a truly national movement.You can express your interest to join us to the office-bearers of your respective organisations. Or, you can contact this office for coordination. It is our ardent wish to form a National Joint Committee of the members from CoRWA, AIRRF and AISCOON in order to organise amateur games and sports as extensively as possible with those who are interested in organising them. Such playmates can be called comrades, a word employed to address all companions with equal affection, for the first time during the epoch-making French Revolution in 1789.

II. As a small initial step in this direction, a committee is formed in Hyderabad to organise Carrom tournaments among the members of the senior citizens organisations and their Day Care centres in and around the City. Mr. Jagannatha Swamy (UFERWAS) and Mr. Veeraswamy (AIRRF) are busily recruiting former teachers of Physical Education and others  as coordinators and convenors.

The tournaments are conducted in three levels. 1. In-House: The individual associations will conduct at their premises internally. The winners of 1 & 2 singles positions and one of the doubles  will be listed. Further, one more person will be selected for having demonstrated his sportsmanship qualities, such as pleasing manners or fair-play or skill to be  adjudged by the convenor sent. 2. The final players of level (1) will play at the area or circle level-2. Any association in the area may come forward to host the games at their premises. 3. The 8 winning players of level 2 will play the finals. It is they who would go to play in other cities. Entry fee  is Rs. 100 per player to be collected by the individual association and remit it to the Central Organising Committee. Prizes will be awarded to those refined sportspersons at appropriate local events, in the presence of eminent personalities by sports celebrities.

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