Federation of Gajuwaka RWAs Celebrates Anniversary

 Representatives of about 40 RWAs of Gajuwaka area, totaling about 100 residents have attended the annual meeting of the Federation held on 24-02-2020 in the Conference Hall of GVMC Zonal Office, Gajuwaka. The program was presided by Sri T.V.Nageswara Rao, President, Voice of Gajuwaka and the other leaders of Voice of Gajuwaka are Sri B.A.Trinadha Swamy, Secretary, Sri Chikka Satyanarayana, Coordinator, Sri B.Himanth,Vice President, Sri Maturi Srinivasa Rao, Vice President and many others. The distinguished Guests were: Sri D.Sridhar, Zonal Commissioner GVMC, Sri B.V.Ramana, Special Officer, GVMC, Dr.K.S.R.Murthy, Secretary General, CoRWA and  Sri Uday Shirname - President, APFERWAS

            Several RWA representatives have explained their grievances to the Zonal Commissioner and gave representations urging for redress.  Several speakers felt that the Voice of Gajuwaka should be strengthened further and keep its flag high in the area, as it would in turn pave the way for strengthening APFERWAS.

All the RWAs in fold of Voice of Gajuwaka / APFERWAS were presented, in token of their taking forward the RWA movement.

The RWAs which have been doing excellently in their Colonies for the last several years, were felicitated with a memento by the distinguished guests and APFERWAS leaders. They are:
Sheelanagar Upkeep and Welfare Association, Samathanagar House Owners Welfare Association, Rajiv Nagar House Owners Welfare Association, Sri Nagar Residents Welfare Association, Amaravathi Nagar Resident Welfare Association, Vinayakanagar Colony House Owners Welfare Association, HB Colony Welfare Association and Duttasai Nagar Welfare Associaiton.

            The President, Voice of Gajuwaka expressed the hope that there will be a turnout of about 50 RWAs in its fold in the coming year 2020-21 and that they would make every effort to strengthen the APFERWAS - CoRWA and the RWA movement at large. VoG thanks the APFERWAS and CoRWA leaders for their support and guidance in achieving the desired land marks in RWA movement. Long Live RWA movement.  

By TV Nageswara Rao, Gajuwaka

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