RWA Movement and CoRWA Organisational Structure

It is high time that our CoRWA should adopt a better structure in order to carry forward its mission throughout the country, in a phased manner.  Having already conducted 7 national conferences, it is now time for CoRWA to chalk out a strategy for the expansion and to place it before the upcoming 8th NCRWA to be held in Chennai.  In order to evolve a plan of action, it is very much necessary to have the following data on hand, which will enable the CoRWA to find out the modalities for its expansion.

1.   A list of State level RWA Federations, existing as on date, in various states across the country is needed. In order to obtain this data, it is necessary to contact the office - bearers or individuals, as available with CoRWA as on date.  In turn, those CoRWA members in other states will find out their ways & means to get these details from their end and further send them to CoRWA.

2.  In the states, wherever the State federations are already existing (for example in AP - APFERWAS and in Telangana (U-FERWAS), those State level bodies should furnish the details of their City / Town/ zone level federations existing in their fold.

3.  CoRWA should guide the existing State level RWA bodies to chalk out a plan of action for expansion of RWA city/town level federations in their states.

4.  Wherever there is no state level body, as it is the case in many states at present, the concerned office bearer or individuals in those states should find out the methodologies to form a state level body, duly obtaining the details of city/ level forums, if at all existing in those states.

This sort of strategy is very much necessary, if we anticipate the GoI to accord constitutional status to the RWAs.  There is a dire necessity to take every needful step to expand the activities of CoRWA and the existing State federations.  

It may not be out of place to mention that we should be able to present a categorical statement to the Govt of India along with complete data with regard to the strength of CoRWA, with respect to the State RWA forums and further down to the status of each State level RWA.

I strongly believe and hope that the year 2020 should stand as a land mark year with regard to the expansion activity of CoRWA.

A sketch of the Organisational structure: CoRWA < State level Federations < City / Town  level Federations < Zone-level Federations with more than 10 lakh population< Individual RWA or colonies.

By TV Nageswara Rao
Voice of Gajuwaka (Federation of Gajuwaka RWAs) under APFERWAS

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