Lockdown Opens Doors to New Supply Lines

Necessity they say is the mother of invention. Locked up, as they are, within the confines of their homes for the past one month thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, citizens have realized finding fresh vegetables and supplies has become the biggest challenge.

No worries! Retail chains and farmers alike have risen to the occasion innovating, and in fact reinventing age old practices of cooperative sourcing.

Several farmers across cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru and NCR region, have now taken the initiative of reaching out to RWAs with offers of supplying fresh fruits and vegetables at prices much lower than the neighbourhood market. Some of them are even offering pesticide free produce.

The only condition is that RWA members need to place orders in numbers adequate to make it worthwhile for the suppliers to go through the effort of reaching it to  their doorsteps.

For instance My Home Farm suppliers have three packages or baskets of Rs 450,
Rs 350 and Rs 250 comprising different varieties of vegetables in fixed quantities that would last for a week. Families can choose the suitable basked depending on their size and need.

Likewise, some of the farmers are specializing in fruits and are fine to supply in bulk to RWAs at almost half the market prices.

Some of them feel, given the convenience and value for money, this practice could be here to stay even after the lockdown.

While one may feel these entrepreneurial farmers could be giving the established retail chains a run for their money, the established large format retailers themselves have got into the act. For instance, in cities like Bengaluru many of them have tied up  RWAs to supply in bulk on designated days.

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