Tarnaka is the noisiest, particularly in the night, says TSPCB study

Noise pollution in Tarnaka has crossed the threshold limit increasing by an alarming 33.33% over previous levels, particularly in the nights. 

According to the TS Pollution Control Board, the night time permitted noise level is 45 dB. The recorded night time noise level in Tarnaka stands at 59.96 dB, the highest in the residential regions of the Twin Cities. 

Noise pollution levels have been steadily rising in Greater Hyderabad region in the period of 2019-2022, according to Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB). 

Tarnaka, which was once a peaceful residential area, now has the dubious distinction of being officially accounted as the noisiest residential areas in Hyderabad, as noisy as any commercial area like Abids. This is a pointer to the rampant commercialization of the area, increased construction activity, growing vehicular traffic and stray dogs menace.   

Permitted Decibel Levels (dB)

Area                      Day        Night

Residential             55               45

Industrial               75                70

Commercial           65                55

Sensitive                50                45

Recorded Decibel Levels


Jubilee Hills         58.75           57.39

Tarnaka                52.30           59.96


Abids                    72.13          71.60

JNTU                    69.90          68.21

Paradise                71.38          70.85


Sanathnagar          68.20           65.01

Jeedimetla            68.98            71.35

Gaddapotharam    70.30            71.48

Sensitive area

Zoo Park              60.84             59.89

Gachibowli          63.82             60.83

*All units in decibels (dB)

 A study carried out by research  scholars of Osmania University states that higher noise level in the city is due to rapid urbanization and unplanned urban sprawl resulting in more migration from rural areas, improper management of city roads and traffic. Pandemic notwithstanding construction activity too goes on unchecked in Tarnaka. Demolition and re-modelling activities  go on well past after sunset. Use of power tools, cutting and drilling machines are the main contributors to noise pollution when re=modelling works are taken up in residential complexes. This is causing untold misery to the residents specially the senior citizens and working professionals as many of them continue to work from home. 

Vehicular Population Hyderabad:

According to data with the State Transport Department, as of March 2022 there are around 1.45 crore vehicles in Telangana. This includes 1.06 crore two-wheelers, 18 lakh cars, 6.4 lakh tractors and trailers, 5.6 lakh of goods carriages and 4.4 lakh auto rickshaws. 

In Hyderabad, there are more than 60 lakh personal vehicles which constitute 90 per cent of the overall vehicle population in the city. Out of these, over 50 lakh are two-wheelers and around 12 lakh are four-wheelers which are owned by individuals.

Doctors have linked noise pollution to physical and psychological stress. Civil societies need to wake up to this new menace and work with government agencies to tackle it. 

Ref: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/M-Kamraju-2/publication/343151640_A_STUDY_ON_NOISE_POLLUTION_AND_ITS_IMPACT_ON_HEALTH_IN_HYDERABAD/links/5f19376aa6fdcc9626aa360c/A-STUDY-ON-NOISE-POLLUTION-AND-ITS-IMPACT-ON-HEALTH-IN-HYDERABAD.pdf

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