Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story!


What are we looking for? 

We are open to the following:
  • Feature articles on topics you feel impact the community
  • News commentary on recent developments either in your city or at the national level
  • Stories about people who have made a difference to the community
  • Citizen initiatives for community impact
  • RWA success stories
  • Coverage of events in your city or community that you feel readers of Tarnaka Times would be interested in.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Sending an article: email your article to
  • Document in word format is preferred
  • The article should be at least 400 words in English language
  • As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, we prefer every article goes with a top image. Original images are the best. If you do not have one to go with your article, there are umpteen digital resources that provide pictures either under the Creative Commons license or allow you to buy them.

Content Hygiene

DOs and mostly Donts 
  1. Should contain at least three words but not more than 12 words
  2. Should not make use of use of libelous, defamatory, offensive, threatening language
  3. To state the obvious, title/headline should be related to the content of the article.
  1. Should not be of less than 400 words. (No upper limit on the wordage but it is in your interest to keep it at the optimal length. Given the current attention spans of readers we recommend 450-700 words).
  2. Should not contain obscene text, images, graphics or videos.
  3. Should not have malicious content connected with bloody violence, terrorism, gambling or drugs.
  4. Should not contain content that promotes superstitions, religious extremism, any illegal activity, any criminal activity or aimed at criminal incitement against any communities.
  5. Should not generate or propagate false news, ‘fake’ or doctored facts or make any misrepresentations with regard to any third party or their association with the author.
  6. Should not aim at, whether directly or indirectly, harassing or oppressing any person.
  7. Should not be an incomplete article unless it’s a series.
  8. Should state very clearly at the end of the copy if you are republishing or repurposing an article that has been published elsewhere with attributions.
  9. Should be in compliance with Terms of Service and Privacy Policy published on this website
  10. Should not be violative of any provision of any of the applicable laws of the land
  1. We are very particular about copyright and do not tolerate plagiarized content. Attribution where necessary, and called for, is a must. In case of a summary or translation, the original source should be given due credit.
  2. Unauthorized use of image/video/articles is strictly prohibited.
  3. Remember, you are the owner of the content you post, and the consequences of such use are to be borne by you.
Tarnaka Times does not pay writers and you write because you are a concerned citizen and would like to share your observations, knowledge or expertise on topics of community interest.
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